Creativness like an integral part of job in Megalove

Maybe you do not agree with us… Maybe..:-) But we have a very strong belief that one of the most important features of a marriage advisor in dating sphere is creative mind in all possible ways of using it! Yes, sure! Excellent knowledge of the language, self-organization, self-discipline, burning desire to work and to get results! And on the top of this list – creativity.  You can argue with us that it’s necessary to be born with this, and to have creative nature at all! Definitely! We don’t mention geniuses of Art! But even they said and say: any gift it’s 1% of talent and 99% of hard work…

So, dear colleagues, for the rest of us, simple mortal ones. 🙂 This feature can be first of a skill, which can be trained, as any other skill.. Yes-Yes.. Creativity it’s a skill!

Answer a simple question, please! Do you have dreams? Can you dream, imaging all events, things you want to get or to be happened? Well, we suppose the answer is “Yes”. If you have vision, if you are able to imagine the picture of anything you want or intend, your imagination works… But the grade of power of your imagination directly depends on how much you train it! It’s like bodybuilding. 🙂 Well, why not to arrange such a “Gym for imagination, creativity” 🙂 Why not? And you will get plenty of bonuses after such a working out… Creativity gives a key to many doors: in work, in life situations, in relationship .. well, in anything.. even in making a cup coffee or baking a chicken. 🙂

We can propose you some simple, but working exercises for this training. 🙂 Then you can enrich this list with different others…

  • To choose any picture of art with a lot of elements, people, things.. look at it and imaging the events that happens there, stories of people on it, to give them names and so on.. It can seem to be a craziness lol , but in such way you can widen your imagination…well, sometimes it even helps in everyday life, watching or talking to people. 🙂
  • To draw! Anything! Without any drawing talents (well, maybe you still do not know about them! Circles, squares, fairy creatures, no matter! Well, look at Modern Art! 🙂
  • To read! Well, not a big discovery for you, we think) but to read detective stories, fairy tales, historical and adventurous book, with a lot of events there, actions, movements, characters…

But without any examples everything said above is just words, right? So I will share with you my own experience, in dating agency Megalove. Must say that only here, my creativity got that space and freedom I was dreaming about. Mutual, close work and communication with clients of the agency allows me to help ladies. In creating more colorful, live image of them in profiles, in letters they write to men, to make more comfortable atmosphere in communication and in process of knowing each other as real persons, finding more ways to create closeness between them. Yes, it’s huge responsibility! But using all professional skills, inner feature, serious attitude, creativity, we get great results! And Happiness as a Result – it’s our mission here!

Dear colleagues and future colleagues! Open up your creativity! Personally I have no doubt Everyone has it!  And continue dreaming! 🙂 Let’s all your dreams will come true!



Sincerely, Karina

Megalove Agency marriage adviser



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